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‘Magic City’ TV show struggled to find real breasts in Miami casting


Fuss over porn star Sunny Leone's real name!

So far, it was known that Sunny Leone hails from a Punjabi family in Canada and that her real name is Karen Malhotra. But now, a photograph of her passport reveals a different name.

It is said that the name allegedly surfaces on the bombshell’s passport is Karenjit Kaur Vohra.


Robert Pattinson Has Steamy Sex in a Limo—But Not with Kristen Stewart

What's it like to have hot sex with Robert Pattinson in the back seat of a limousine? It's an experience that most Twihards dream of nightly and would give anything to realize. There is, however, one woman who has actually done (sort of) what the rest of the world's female population can only fantasize. And that woman is not Kristen Stewart. It's RPattz's lucky Cosmopolis co-star, Juliette Binoche. In a recent interview, the Academy Award winning French actress discussed the steamy scene she and Pattinson shared in the eagerly awaited David Cronenberg film.
In Cosmopolis, Binoche plays an art dealer who has an intimate encounter with her handsome, wealthy younger lover, Eric Packer in the back of his limo. Although La Binoche wears her little black dress throughout, and Rob seems totally clothed as well, it's nevertheless a moment of intense, primal eroticism.
"I play an art dealer who's been a lover of Robert Pattinson's character for a few years," mused Binoche. "Throughout the whole film she has this kind of sexual moment that Cronenberg always puts in his films. Then at the end she's feeling alone and left out. I don't know how long the scene is—maybe four minutes—but it's like a lifetime, a relationship kind of starting and was only two days shooting... It was good."
A two-day shoot, wearing a little black dress in the back of a limo with Robert Pattinson. Nice work if you can get it.
You can see an extremely brief but relatively explicit GIF image from Rob's and Juliette's "car sex" scene below. Enjoy.
Wonder if KStew has seen it yet? It's doubtful she'd be jealous, but it might have given her some new ideas for Robsten's next date night.
Just saying.

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Lane Lindell

21-years old all-American stunning blonde and 2008 Miss World United States Lane Lindell shows more than intended in photo-shoot for Ideeli's lingerie line.
The Floridian won the title of Miss World United States in 2008 and is dating herpes-carrying Doug Reinhardt. The guy has a thing for beauty queens and Lane like most of Southern girls don't mind him mounting all the pussies America has to offer as long as she's the special one at end of the day.
Miss Lindell is an experienced model began her career at tender age of 14 and has done work for Gucci, Neiman Marcus and Abercrombie and Fitch. Her first serious BF was Denver Broncos Knowshon Moreno when she was a freshman in college. Of course her family and friends thought it was a phase every Southern white belle undergoes but when it got serious enough (Lane was staying at his crib more often than own sorority house), they make sure the jungle fever is cured with threats of intimidation and isolation. She was dejected but Moreno just moved on with a girl guaranteed to rock his world in bed.
(as you can see in the photos, Miss Lindell is blessed with huge areolas)

Miss Lindell's camel-toe gallery

UPDATED 11/28/2013

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