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Shiri Appleby talks about her first possible nude scene on new season of Girls
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HBO + Girls + Shiri Appleby in her 1st nude scene = The greatest day of my life. Priceless!!!!
I am going to need medical staff at my house when I watch season 2 of Girls. I have been waiting/dreaming of this moment since her days on Roswell.
Check out the following link to to hear all the juicy details on Shiri's 1st ever nude scene on the 2nd season of Girls. Shiri also talks about her acting career past present and future. The new season of Girls premieres in Jan 2013.
Full interview :

Here the part where Shiri talks about Girls and her 'nude' scene: 

Her are few interesting tidbits from the interview:
[1] The same frustration (voiced earlier by Dominik GarcĂ­a-Lorido  on another radio interview) about endless failed auditions. It comes with the territory, sweetheart if you have rigid clauses. Dominik relaxed hers and now it's Shiri's turn. Age is working against her too.
[2] Her 'nude' scenes consist of couple of sex scenes shot in Girls 'style' and being bench-pressed by her BF in the bed wearing only her underwear though she could have a shirt on. Shiri was not clear on this aspect.
[3] auditioned for the role of Jenny from Euro Trip that eventually went to Michelle Trachtenberg. You have to hear the hilarious 'topless' audition.

* It will rank alongside Maggie Grace if Shiri the Jewish sweet-heart comes through with the suprise nude scenes and not merely a view of her bare back. Even a shot of her butt will make me blow my load all over the keyboard. Not since Emma Rossum we had a wholesome babe like Shiri going the distance after years of.........nothing basically. Shiri is no cock-teaser. She never pranced around half-naked. Safety first Shiri dodging any roles that requires outright nudity. But it seems after recent engagement and directing few episodes of web-show Dating Rules from My Future Self, the 34-years feels she at the right time and age to take risks with her career. She wants to move behind the cam but it's really hard to be a woman director in Hollywood.
The former Life UnExpected star will recur on this HBO comedy as a new love interest for Hannah's ex Adam. Her character is described as "charming" and as someone who adores Adam despite - how shall we put this? - his unusual sexual proclivities.
Despite her mousy outlook and characters she portrays on-screen Shiri possess a dominant personality in real life and will stare you down if you push her even tiniest bit. Potty mouth too according to my 'fictional' friend in the agency.


27-years old model-turn-actress Lina Esco show her tits for the first time on-screen in Girlrillaz (2013).
Lina is also directing and producing Girlrillaz. She plays an active role in front of the cam as well. She will be topless alongside other bare breasted women in the big finale filmed in Washington.
She was Janice in LOL which co-starred another first time nude debutant of 2012 : Ashley Hinshaw.

Disgusted by society’s glorification of violence and repression of sexuality, radical female activists LIV and WITH begin a grass roots campaign to “Free the Nipple” and make public nudity legal in all 50 states — a mission that concludes with a triumphant nude rally outside the Lincoln Memorial.
Girlrillaz (originally titled Saranopolis) falls into a Borat -type category. Scripted, yet sprinkled with interviews and file footage, this film takes on sex, feminism, and censorship within film and television. The crew is predominantly female and they are currently in pre-production research with a plan to start filming in Los Angeles and Brooklyn in August 2012.
The producers are excitedly prepping their upcoming shooting schedule from an office on Hollywood Blvd with an amazing view of the Hollywood Hills.

Still at preminarly stage with the filmmakers actively searching for SAG-AFTRA members to act out a nude rally at the Lincoln Memorial. All of the actors are required to go topless during interviews or on the march to Washington. 

Tamzin Brown auditioning for the role of Liv

LOL short interview teaser with Liza Azuelos, Ashley Hinshaw and Lina Esco


gorgeous Betsy Beutler (of Scrubs) is auditioning for the role of Dr. Carrie "Skanky" Roman for upcoming season of Nurse Jackie. This role calls for frontal nudity : a first on the show.

Tenille Houston is also auditioning for the role and is favorite to land it.
Her test-read 

Here she is auditioning and clinching the role of Cynthia (originally named Lindsay) in The Canyons.
The Canyons audition 1
The Canyons audition 2

* Her first nude scene on-screen. Keeping my fingers crossed for lengthy nudity and full-frontal.


Jennifer Hawkins : 2012 Spring Summer "Lovables" photo-shoot


iROKOTV have released the controversial sex scene featuring Nollywood actor Jim Iyke and Ghanaian actress Nikki Samonas. The scene is taken from the movie My First Wife, and sees the duo engaged in some ‘adult moves’.
Watch the FULL Movie FREE on iROKOtv
(Sign up for free. Confirm subscription and voila. The scene you looking for is in "I Quit 2" at 14-mins mark)
* the African continent is maturing fast in all the positive ways imaginable. A change you can believe in. Home to one of the fastest growing economies in the world with China the main benefactor in terms of investment while US sits with thumb up its ass. We are providing endless aid that ends up in hands of corrupt people as Chinese take risks by supplying man-power (including prostitutes!) and skills exchange programs in return for oil. It's always heartening to observe another phase of growing maturity and awareness on celelloid. Sex/Nudity is slowly being introduced into public consciousness via some Nigerian-Ghana co-produced movies. Still at teething stage and burdened by budget constraints, African flicks (outside of South Africa) are mostly geared towards romantic entanglements and social issues. Jim Iyke is one of the top actors in Nigeria and crowned Sexiest Man in Nigeria in 2008. The wife is played by Rita Dominic.
Nikki Samonas is of Greek-Ghanaian parentage. This is her first nude scene. More of Nikki here and read about her views on sex scenes here.
Naturally the huge conservative base are unhappy about this sudden liberal development: 


Homeland : What You Need to KnowClaire Danes and Damian Lewis in HomelandIf you tuned into the Emmys last Sunday night, you saw a little program called Homeland emerge as the night’s big winner, snagging six awards including the hat trick of best actor, actress and drama. The socio-political drama about terrorism is Showtime’s first serious contender to HBO’s long-held throne, and those awards are well deserved. With great acting, tight writing and pacing, and almost unbearable intensity, Homeland is easily the best crafted show on television.

Season 2 begins Sunday night, and it’s got a tough act to follow, as season one was alternately a painstaking emotional portrait of wounded souls and a breathless thrill ride. If you hear terrorism drama and think “24”, think again. Homeland mostly eschews ticking clock action sequences in favor of nuanced complex character studies. Carrie Mathison (played with incredible deftness by Claire Danes) is a brilliant but bipolar CIA Agent, who was tipped off in Iraq few years back that an American POW had been turned. However, the CIA is unaware of any Americans in captivity…until Sergeant Nick Brody (the superb Damian Lewis) is released after eight years.

We watch—quite literally, as she sets up surveillance on him—through Carrie’s eyes as Brody tries to adjust to living with his family again in civilization after having been tortured and kept in a hole in the ground for years. Brody is further tormented by the idea that he was coerced into killing his friend and fellow soldier, Tom Walker. On the surface, he’s the perfect American hero, saying all the right things, but as we witness his private moments—awkward and brutal couplings with his estranged wife, uneasy bonding midnight prayer sessions observing the Qu’ran—we question whether or not Brody is or isn’t a terrorist.

Mandy Patinkin
Mandy Patinkin
Teetering along that knife’s edge of suspicion is this show’s strength. As we wonder, so does Carrie, becoming more and more fixated on Brody, she can recite his daily routine along as she watches him on camera and when her mentor and boss at the CIA, Saul (played by the amazing Mandy Patinkin), tells her to pull the plug on the surveillance, Carrie can’t just stop. So she orchestrates a run-in with Brody, at a support group for veterans and PTSD survivors. And that’s where everything gets infinitely more interesting.

Carrie and Brody, or Danes and Lewis, have instant electric chemistry; the air practically crackles when they finally come face to face. Show runners Alex Gansa and Howard Gordon recognized the potential in having these two leads tangle, and changed the show’s trajectory (originally, Brody was only going to be in season one, and Carrie would pursue new homeland threats in subsequent seasons). They tumble into the backseat of her car for frantic, desperate sex in a parking lot on their second meeting, and in the breathtaking seventh episode, the season’s midpoint and turning point, Brody discovers his wife had been having an affair with his best friend, and runs off with Carrie to her family’s cabin in the woods where they have a romantic tryst.

In the woods, real feelings seem to develop between these two wounded souls: she kisses his scars; he admits he wants to just stop time and “live in this moment.” But in the morning, Carrie gives away the fact that she’s been surveilling him for weeks and suspects him of being a terrorist. Brody seemingly comes clean, admitting to being Muslim and having formed a tight bond with one of his captors, the Al Qaeda operative Abu Nazir, who was kind to him, but angrily asserts that he is not a terrorist.  Carrie is torn, and then, too late, she gets a call that the terrorist has been identified by a source as Walker, who actually is not dead.

Damian Lewis
What does a terrorist look like?
It’s a tribute to the skillful writing and acting on Homeland, that we can never be sure of who’s telling us the truth. Brody’s motivations and Carrie’s stability are constantly shifting, making for a compelling cat-and-mouse game. As the CIA begins tracking down Walker, Brody makes friends in high places, getting recruited by the Vice-President to fill a recently opened Congressional seat. But then, unexpectedly, we get the reveal: Brody contacts Abu Nazir and reveals himself to be the terrorist Carrie suspected all along. Through flashbacks we learn that he was taken from the POW camp to become a tutor to Nazir’s young son Isa, and Brody came to care for the boy…who was killed in a surprise drone strike on a quiet Israeli neighborhood by the US government. He vowed to avenge Isa’s death and now Nazir orders him to pick up a package from a local tailor: a suicide vest.
Carrie meanwhile is becoming more and more desperate to get to the bottom of the case and despite the Walker reveal, she still suspects Brody. Unfortunately, she’s also fallen in love with him. When she reaches out to him again, Brody calls her boss and Carrie is fired from the CIA. Distraught and manic, her bipolar disorder flares into dangerous fixation, but her illness has the byproduct of making Carrie even sharper. She realizes Brody and Walker must be working together, and fears there’s an attack planned at the event Brody is attending, where the Vice-President’s announcing his run for President. She races to Brody’s house, startling his teenage daughter Dana when she pleads with the girl that she needs to call her father immediately and tell him to come home. Carrie is arrested, and taken away by the police.

Despite being shaken, Dana’s had her own fears and she calls her father, talking him out of detonating the suicide vest in a positively nailbiting sequence. Crisis averted for the moment, Brody then contacts Abu Nazir and convinces him he can be a greater asset by working inside the system and becoming a confidante of the VP. Nazir sees the potential in this but needs Brody to prove his loyalty: he has him execute Walker. Meanwhile, Carrie, tired and shamed by what a shambles her life has become, opts to have electroshock therapy to manage her illness. In yet another stroke of incredibly bad timing, right before Carrie is shocked, she pieces together a key clue, realizing that Brody knew Nazir’s son. We fade out on season one as the electric currents course through Carrie’s body.

As season two begins, we’re left with plenty of questions: will Carrie remember and feel vindicated that she was correct? What havoc will Brody be able to wreak in his new political path? Will these two crazy kids find a way to be together? We’ll have to tune in to see, but with a show this devastatingly brilliant and emotionally evocative, it’s sure to be a wild ride. 

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TAKEN 2: Interview with Maggie Grace
* Ms.Grace looks absolutely ravishing and those bedroom eyes.....just few months away before we get to savor one of the most surprising nudity in recent years.


Woman streaker (with blue and white boobs) invades pre-match at GVVV v Groningen
Ordinarily, the KVB Beker match between GVV and Groningen would be unlikely to make many headlines but thanks to Eredivisie Live, many males out there can ogle at some blue and white boobs.
For what its worth, Groningen emerged 2-1 winners but the pre-match fan fare was dominated by the woman streaker who livened up proceedings.
It is worth pointing out that the video comes from Eredivisie Live – official YouTube channel of Dutch top flight – now owned by Rupert Murdoch.
Watch out for the stewards cheeky smile at 0.09!


I’m Jo Pincushion
Hey! I’m Jo Pincushion.  Some of you may know me from Geekadelphia, GuySpeed, or Things Women Want.  Others may know me from The Pincushion Podcast.  I am an aspiring singer, comedian, writer, blogger, writer, actor, and reality TV star.  I may have a lot on my plate, but I’m always happy to create.  I hope my snarky writing catches the attention of the general public, and I bring laughter and happiness to large amounts of people.  I also enjoy horror movies, haunted houses, and cosplay.  You can catch me around Philadelphia supporting various artists in this great city.  Go to JoPinChushion for more information and feel free to contact me!

ImageThe idea of nudity and artistic expression has always been a touchy subject for me. I have a deep love for the horror genre. Sometimes, in order to perform in these films– nudity is expected of me. I was never comfortable with this, and it has probably resulted in the loss of many acting opportunities. The idea of bouncing my tits on camera for the sake of “boob criteria” in an indie horror film never seemed like a good idea to me. Likewise, nude photo shoots were completely out of the question. I don’t have the rock hard body required to pose tastefully in a nude photo. Plus, I think the photographer’s photoshopping skills need to be exceptional to make me look even close to appearing magazine ready.

No, nudity was never something I considered doing. I may have texted a topless photo in my day (fingers crossed that it will never re-surface) –but really, nudity is a quick way for a new actress to lose credibility incredibly fast. And like most females in their 20s.. my body issues plague my mind. I blame mainstream media for giving me the self-consciousness pointed directly at my mid section (but I do praise Christina Hendricks for helping me love my curves). I know I look best naked laying down in the dark. So the idea of prancing around naked for the sake of a performance isn’t something I could dive into right away.

It wasn’t until I was asked by my friend Miss Rose of Bravissimo Burlesque to participate in one of her NAKED GIRLS READING that I started to contemplate exposing myself for my art. I was still plenty hesitant, so I decided to check out the event before committing to anything. I was surprised by the integrity and beauty of it. Sure, in the beginning of the night you’re fascinated by the bodies and the bravery of these women standing in front of 25-30 strangers reading Pulp Fiction. After awhile, you sort of lose the shock and awe of the female form and become engulfed by their voices reciting amazing works of literature.

While I sat there listening to tales of Pulp Fiction being read by naked women of all beauty and body types–I fell in love with the premise. I decided to abandon my “no nudity” rule this one time, and take a giant leap into exhibitionist art. I’m not necessarily doing this event for the nudity, in fact, my reasons are far from it. I’m very excited to be reading two of my favorite authors, J.D. Salinger and David Sedaris to an EXTREMELY attentive audience. I’m particularly excited to share my love for ‘Franny and Zooey’, a story that hits close to home for me. When I read it naked– I won’t just be losing my inhibitions, but baring my soul as well.

I’m thinking of this experience as if I’m Skydiving for the first time. It’s one of those “I’m in my 20s, you only live once, bucket list” types of things. Every actor I’ve spoken to has expressed their amazement at an event like this, and told me that it will allow me to become “fearless” in the art of acting. This helps ease my tensions regarding nudity. Particularly, MY nudity. I don’t want anything to hold me back when I’m on stage, and if doing NAKED GIRLS READING helps me emerge as a stronger, more confident actress–then I welcome it with open arms.

It’s Remarkable What a Little Nudity Can Do

20120924-174034.jpgI’m sure you’re all wondering how my night went last night. It wasn’t what I was expecting. To be honest… I really had no idea what to expect. Sure, I knew I would be sitting around naked a majority of the time, but I didn’t know how the audience would react, and I didn’t know how well I would read the passages. It was like I was standing at the edge of the Golden Gate Bridge with a half disintegrated bungee cord strapped around my ankles. Do I still take the leap? Or do I frantically rip the bungee cord off of my legs screaming “I just can’t do this!”

I gathered my fears and shoved them into he far corners of my subconscious. There was no turning back now, and thanks to my parents –I’ve been engrained with an unwavering work ethic that never allows me to back down from a commitment. There was no turning back now. It was naked time.

As I was lightly brushing a bit of light pink blush onto my left nipple I wondered if the other girls were having the inner freak out that I was having. If they did, hey we’re hiding it well. Each girl had their own unique form of beauty, and it was amazing how we all stood around naked backstage getting ready without a single taboo or concern. Each girl had their respective insecurities about themselves, but I only saw various forms of female perfection standing in the room. I guess you would say that each girl catered to a particular form of beauty that any man would enjoy.

After applying glitter wherever possible and placing my hair in classic Roman goddess curls, it was time to face the music. As Miss Rose delivered her opening spiel, my nerves suddenly rushed to the back of my throat. “And now here are your naked girls” that was our cue. We slowly walked out looking as confident as possible, and because I was the last one to leave backstage, I had to shut the door behind me. Which was good– considering it gave me the opportunity to avoid eye contact with the audience. Which is my usual routine whenever I’m about to be intimate with a guy.

Before I knew it I was standing on stage with my fellow naked girls about to disrobe. There were no rowdy cat-calls, but rather respectful anticipation. With the lights obstructing my view of the audience I gently took my breath in as I heard the words “This… is naked girls reading.” Without looking at one another we disrobed for all to see.

I don’t remember much about the general reaction, I just remember letting my top fall past my breasts and around my waist, then semi-gracefully letting the rest of my garment fall to the floor. I think there were a few murmurs and general positive sentiments whispered among the crowd. The general shock of having four naked women on stage was definitely present.

After a half hour or so, the shock and awe of full frontal nudity tapered off. It was time for the literature to take center stage, and it did. I loved listening to the pieces the other women selected, and my nerves began to creep up on me as my turn approached. After drinking half a bottle of water and meticulously adjusting my hair, it was finally time for me to read “Me Talk Pretty One Day” by David Sedaris. I figured I’d read the funny story first. You know, just in case he audience was laughing at my naked form already– getting laughs from them would be a walk in the park.

I stood up and walked to the front of he stage. Again making no eye contact with he spectators ogling at every vulnerable inch of my body. I felt no shame. No concern. The only thing on my mind at that very moment was performing this piece to the best of my ability. It wasn’t until my first laugh, where something completely unexpected happened.

I forgot I was naked.

It’s true, the idea that I was “butt ass naked” in front of a room of strangers completely slipped my mind. I found myself standing up straight in a powerful stage stance…not thinking about the exposed vagina between my legs.

The reactions to my interpretation on Sedaris’ work were invigorating. With every pause I had to make in order to let he laughter subside, I started to realize that I indeed had the attention of he entire audience… But it wasn’t because I was naked.

At the second half of the night I read “Franny and Zooey” with an unbridled passion, and my fears and insecurities were non-existent. It’s amazing what a little nudity can do for ones self esteem. I don’t feel any of the insecurities about my body that I did before. I seem to be walking around with his air of confidence that I’ve never had before. I feel like I can accomplish anything. I’ve become totally fearless.

So, after having this surreal experience, I’ve gained so many benefits that I didn’t even think could come from it. My ideas regarding nudity and art have dramatically shifted, and even though I can still say that nudity will not be a regular part of my acting repertoire– I CAN say that I’ve learned to love my body for what it is. And how to act without a stitch of cloning on. Now, without makeup is a different story.


Bollywood getting sex oriented! Who is responsible?Bollywood getting sex oriented! Who is responsible?

Mumbai: Bollywood has been on a changing trend since actors like Mallika Sherawat, Bipasha Basu, Sherlyn Chopra, Esha Gupta, Paoli Dam and last but not the least Sunny Leone stepped their foot in the Tinsel Town. These have categorized the conventional Hindi cinema in at least two parts, adult and non adult certified films.

These have just not adapted the culture from the west and entrenched in the Indian Cinema but also inspired our leading ladies like Vidya Balan, Rani Mukherjee and Kareena Kapoor to get inclined to skin shows in films. From Dirty Picture to Heroine, the female actors dominated the silver screen for revealing their scorching side.

There are also directors in the industry, who have apparently imported the Hollywood mores for B'wood. Ace filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt believes that sex is an essential part of our films as it grabs the attention of moviegoers.

Films are often considered as stress busters, but does skin show in films, the only way to release ones' tensions? The question rose because majority of Hindi films today portray the seductress chemistry between a male and female stars. Rather, the first picture that comes to our minds while considering films like Jism 2, The Dirty Picture, Hate Story and recently released Heroine is of a sex oriented, sizzling lady brandishing, self, on the big screen.

The fashion of putting an item number in a film, yet again marks the portrayal of boldness as these tracks exhibit the spice in a particular film. Why our filmmakers and actors diving in the seas of eroticism? Are they fascinated with the response few models get on social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter?

This could be another factor of the change in the mindsets of Bollywood directors! Models like Poonam Pandey, Sherlyn Chopra, Veena Malik and Rozlyn Khan sit on top of the headlines for the maiden reason, skin show. These just not manage to trend the internet world but also people let them sit on their eyelids. Their profession apparently is to screen their skin on social platform, get into erotic conversations and indulge into everything that helps them grabbing the maximum spotlight.

Do these models inspire our filmmakers, actors to display the dirtiest picture on the big screen? Well, it is still an unanswerable question but what would you say on the paradigm-shift of simplicity to modernity in our very own Bollywood films.


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