NYC Woman Discusses Life As A Sex Dungeon Worker

NYC Woman Discusses Life As A Sex Dungeon Worker

Last week, learned all about how Bill Murray ended up mistakenly taking on the role of Garfield via his truly excellent Reddit AMA. This week, a woman who worked in two S-and-M dungeons around the Herald Square area did her own fascinating AMA.

It wasn't quite as salacious as we expected, but she still provided plenty of interesting details about NYC's sex dungeon scene. Below, we've picked out some of her best responses.

Her Specialities: "I did everything you can imagine and then more. When people say S-and-M, they usually envision whips and chains. That was the vanilla stuff in comparison. Different people specialized in different things; my speciality was CBT, enemas, psychological, and piercings/needle work. Some other fetishes include cupping, cutting, scatplay. Google at your own peril. A lot of the fantasies I acted out were very specific to the person. For example, someone wanted me to be a baby sitter that wouldn't allow him to urinate."

What Wouldn't She Do: "Sex, vomiting, and scat play. There were girls who would vomit/shit and the guys would do things like eat it. We called vomiting a roman :)"

How Much Did She Make: "It ranges from place to place but one of dungeon charged $220/hr or $150/half hour. I pocketed $120 and $75 respectively. The other charged $120/hour and I kept $80. Tip is expected...I started at sex clubs as a personal interest. Then I thought, why not get paid for it! I made about $1500/week."

Who Worked There: "Some people did it because they enjoyed it. Some people did it because money was tight. Overall, everyone came from different walks of life. There was a PHD candidate from Columbia, a nurse with an infant daughter, a day time adminstrator, a midget, and I currently work in finance."

The Worst Experience She Had: "Someone licked my nipples once. Gross...It was a bit too sexual, which sounds weird. All the other things I did weren’t very sexual in nature to me. However, nipple licking is. Also the guy was highly unattractive. It was just too intimate. To this day, I can’t think of anything else more off putting at the job than this one incident...It's like how some people consider kissing a very intimate thing. I consider the nipple licking too intimate. I disinfected with rubbing alcohol after."

Popularity Of Infantism: "Pretty popular but there was always some twist. There was this hedge fund/banker kind of guy who wanted me to be his babysitter, feed him, and then make him pee into his diaper."

She was also asked whether she encountered many orthodox Jews on the job: "Yes yes yes yes yes. Definitely one of my biggest shockers," she answered. "Hasidism is a very restrictive religion in regards to sex. They don't fraternize with outsiders so they have to resort to sex workers."

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