Odette Annable: 'Nude' in Banshee [S2E1]

Odette Annable (BD: Jennifer Ortiz [1]) "nude" in Banshee [S2E1]

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RogerOdette hoping for a spin-off. So this proves Nola survives the events in S2. However, unless Odette drops her non-nudity clause, no way - remote as it is - she's getting her own series. Odette is getting there though. They walking the path to Nudeland but still taking hesitating steps.

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Greg Yaitanes live twitter during Banshee seemingly tips off Odette Annables Body Double as Jennifer Ortiz 

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Q: Hi Greg!! Thanks for doing this AmA! Pretty generic question but what's your favorite episode of season 2? Also as a producer are there things that happen behind the scenes that make it more memorable to you or is it the story in itself that most stands out?
Also what did you do before you started producing shows and how did you find yourself in this industry?
Thanks again!!
hi. thanks. ep5 this year is very special and i love it. the finale i directed is the best thing i've made and i can't wait for you to see it.
it is the final product that moves me and what i remember looking back. rarely do i get a moment to appreciate the moment. i am so IN the moment that i can only look back and say "that was cool"
i was fortunate to get a gig right out of school directing so it's been a slow and steady climb. winning the emmy got me on the path to producing and i find that very rewarding.

Q: Is there going to be more sex and nudity in season 2? [–]GregYaitanes[S]
of course. enjoy the opening of next weeks ep.
VisitorQ: Lol. Along with this kind of promotion, either this scene will be spectacular or Greg really enjoyed filming it ;) And if Greg says there be more, then there must more nudity! 

Q: Thanks for doing an AMA, Greg. My question is, whose story arch is your personal favorite in Banshee  
rebecca. she is the micheal corleone of banshee
Yes. very much. look to eps 6,7,8 for big proctor stories.
VisitorQ: Lili's nudity at last? 

Q: When do you find out about Banshee S3? 
we are confident on getting a season 3. 

Q: Now that you and the cast have been working together for two seasons and have gotten to know each other. What's it like being on the set? What kind of atmosphere is there? Because, it is a dark, gritty show.
Any memorable stories you care to share with us?
it's intense. we are an ambitious series and that puts a lot of pressure on everyone. sometimes things flare up but it's always about the work. it's a tiring show with the physical demands of action and sex scenes. i appreciate my cast and crew so much for the time they give and what they give of themselves.

Banshee 2.2: Sneak Preview Review

Continuing with my sneak preview reviews of Banshee - this time, episode 2.2, set to air January 17, 2014 - courtesy of a screener disk provided by Starpulse.  As always, these reviews will deal in generalities and avoid specific spoilers.

Among the highlights of Banshee 2.2:

  • Lots of hand-to-hand punishing fighting, as always - but in this episode there's a lot more than usual involving women, including some woman-to-woman combat.
  • The Indian versus the Amish conflict takes center stage.
  • No Feds on camera.
  • Probably the best female nudity we've seen so far in the series.
Women have been throughout the most compelling characters in the series, other than Hood and Proctor.  This is not to say that the other men aren't good, it's rather that the women are more exceptional, each in her own way.  In season 2, we have at least four in riveting play: Ana, Rebecca, Siobhan, and Nola.   Each has an erotic relationship of some sort with Hood.  Each either packs a punch or is unafraid to mete out deadly force.   And each has significant screen time in episode 2.2, making it an outstanding feminist show.

One of the other defining characteristics of the series is how, with so many groups ready to commit violence and/or criminal acts, it's almost inevitable that one group will wrongly blame another for a hit it takes.   Watch out for a fine example of this in episode 2.2, and I'll be back here between January 17 and 24 with my sneak preview of episode 2.3.

Q: Hi, Paul. It's Steve from battyfornudity blog. You must be getting bombarded by all the questions regarding "Probably the best female nudity we've seen so far in the series.". Sorry for my own curiousness. Are you actually saying Trieste (I'm assuming it's Trieste) goes even further than Ivana FF in Season 1? 

Paul: All I'll say is the nudity is the best I've seen, in terms of being a sheer pleasure to look at.
The Consciousness Plague has just been published - "more nearly reaches the heights of Isaac Asimov's classic SF mysteries than those of most other genre hands" - Booklist

Trieste will be leaving it to the imagination.... ; )

Q: Good morning! Amazing show! How do you feel personally about the depiction of sex and violence on the show?
Wow!!! Great question! Sometimes its really fun and sometimes its hard to go to work and see fake blood and people getting their asses kicked all day. When I watched Antony Starr shoot the MMA fight season 1 ep 3, that was really difficult to stand around and watch all day!! They were going at it and it was intense. I mean its fake but not fake. As for the sex, less is more in my opinion. I like to leave things to the imagination. Whenever possible that is.

Behold the face of Siobhan Solo. Man, she is gorgeous. The doe eyes....the chin. Everything comes together for Trieste. Her daddy can't watch Episode 2. It could send him to cardiac arrest. Honeybear going all fingers and moans. Trieste always bring such intensity - sometimes misplaced - to a scene. Eyes darting everywhere before locking on her intended target. Old-school acting. It's going to be an incredible solo-mast sequence.....

VisitorQ screen-wife : ) Lili....

Maya Gilbert now goes by her married name Maya Dunbar and with plastic tits (I think it's Maya. Could be wrong).

Trieste Kelly Dunn Trieste's Twitter: 3,793 Followers (as of Jan 11, 2014). After her nude scene.... : )

Yours truly may have jumped the gun again. Click HERE for further details.

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