Alexandra Daddario: RECAPPED' Celebrity Nudity News

RECAPPED: Celebrity Nudity Rumors February 8

Amber Carollo plays the stripper in the stars and stripes swimsuit in the opening credits of True Detective. In episode 4, we see Amber and some other random strippers in various states of undress. 
This episode is also the last appearance of Alexandra Daddario in the series and unfortunately she’s clothed the entire time.

Speaking of Alexandra, we’re hearing that she did not get cast in the Entourage movie because the role required nudity. Instead, they’ve got offers out to two relatively unknown blonde actresses for the parts of Melanie and Paula which both require nudity.

Lastly, for those who don’t follow us on Twitter, we attended the Sundance film festival for a few days last month and it was relative dud nudity-wise. Tessa Thompson shows her ass briefly in Dear White People and there is an unknown actress naked in Life After Beth. We also forgot to tweet that Imogen Archer is shown topless on a laptop briefly in 52 Tuesdays.

Tragic news in regard to Alexandra and Entourage. At least Alex finally gets to display her acting ability in last TD appearance.

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