Lina Esco: as Gina in HBO' Open [Pilot Script Snippets]

29-years old Floridian Lina Esco is office skank Gina in upcoming HBO pilot OPEN

Lina would be doing only her second nude scenes in Ryan Murphy's OPEN. If it goes to series, we can expect frequent titty show (and some more) from the brunette. Even better news is the T-and-A from Anna Torv, Michelle Monaghan and personal favorite Jaimie Alexander. Jaimie's Claire (different name in the script) didn't have much to do in the Pilot other than moped around though there was a brief sex scene outlined in the script. All three should sign nudity clause agreement once HBO approve Season 1 shoot. Sexy kitten Lina, sexually adventurous Anna and infrequent T-and-A by Jaimie should delight the nudity sharks when OPEN premieres in first month of 2015?

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