Arielle Kebbel: Topless Debut (fuzzy) in Amazon' THE AFTER (S1E1)

28-years old Arielle Kebbel topless debut (very fuzzy) in Amazon' THE AFTER (S1E1)

What a nice surprise! And thank you to a good friend of mine for the tip-off. Arielle the Nudity Dodger did her first ever nude scene in Amazon's The After pilot premiere. It wasn't much and there is a spectre of BD at the start of the disrobing. But it's all her in the pool. 
I wasn't paying too much attention to this Amazon pilot with my focus diverted by unfounded rumor ( Arielle did her nude scene in The Road Within (2014)
I also wasn't expecting Amazon to jump into T-and-A side of their original content so quickly. Though they will take their sweet time with stupid guidelines just like Netflix before diving into full-blown nudefest similar to pay cablers. It also means if it  goes to series, we can expect more nudity from Ms. Kebbel : ) She is 29 this year and it's time to bring out the big guns in light of stiff competition.
My favorite Arielle flick is The Uninvited with Emily Browning. The memory is sweet and always bring a smile to my face. Not the movie. But the bet I won with a likable foe. I'd choose Emily to get naked before Arielle. Loaned the DVD to my constant challenger on my nudity authority and he surprisingly went with Arielle even after browsing through her film credits of mostly PG-kind. This is the same dude who is holding the ace card in shape of Maggie Grace (if she doesn't get naked - full-tits show - before she turns 35, I'm f*cked financially).
Here is to more boobs and ass from Arielle in the future. 

You can watch the Pilot HERE

UPDATED 02/07/2014

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