Katrina Bowden: Naked in NURSE 3D?

UPDATED 02/07/2014

sven jorgensen
Nope. Some nice lingering full body and ass shots of her in the shower (outside of some CGI magic, it's clearly her) but she is always covering up her chest.
So some nice visuals but no clear topless nudity (2nd shower scene might have a slight peek but I don't think so) for Katrina in Nurse. 

Katrina Bowden: Naked in NURSE 3D?

‘Nurse 3D’ opens in select theaters and On Demand on February 7.

Review: Nurse 3D
Leading ladies Bowden and especially Huerta are naked and incredibly sexy.

‘Nurse 3D’ Review
Paz de la Huerta is a horrible actress. Remember when Juliette Lewis played a mentally-challenged girl in ‘The Other Sister’? That’s how Paz de la Huerta acts in ‘Nurse.’ She is, however, blessed with an hourglass figure and a proclivity towards vein-poppingly tight clothing – that is, if she’s wearing any clothing at all. (‘Nurse 3D’ features two extended scenes of de la Huerta Daisy Duck-ing. If that’s your thing, this movie is like ten birthday gifts in one.)
I don’t know about you, but most of the hospitals I’ve visited have bland off-pastel colored walls and smell like stale urine. In ‘Nurse 3D’ what we see is a smoldering den of deep reds where Wilhelmina models hide behind each door actively slaking their lust with doctors and ambulance drivers. The nurse’s “locker room” is dressed like a set from a porno shoot, with open showers and wooden benches and plenty of room to walk around in loosely clutched towels. It’s all pretty hilarious.

“NURSE 3D” (Movie Review) 
Aarniokoski (who after a career as an AD in everything from Full Moon to Robert Rodriguez films made a splash a few years ago with his top-notch directorial effort THE DAY) is clearly having a blast framing and hammering home the smutty action here, wholly aware of the kind of film he’s making and satirizing. NURSE 3D is like GENERAL HOSPITAL on steroids, a 12 year old boy’s wet dream version of ST. ELSEWHERE and a Russ Meyer riff on SINGLE WHITE FEMALE. Everyone involved in the production is in on the joke and the performances are pitch perfect, with Bowden standing out in a sexy, spunky Nancy Drew-ish turn as an idealist who must race the clock to uncover Abby’s true identity and halt her personal downward spiral. ‘80s brat pack high priest Judd Nelson is fantastic as a leering, randy surgeon whose skill is rivaled by his reputation as the hospital’s biggest pussy-hound. And of course, there’s Paz…

SLANT Review
The story takes place largely within a present-day New York City hospital that's lit like the Highline Ballroom, or a latter-day Argento giallo, and where the nurses' uniforms appear to be supplied by Victoria's Secret or Ricky's. And in keeping with the distinctly Skinemax vibe of the film's aesthetic, Abby's perpetually in-heat narration suggests it was ghost-written by E.L. James.
Capturing evidence of Danni's accidentally cheating ways doesn't complicate Abby, only reveals her to be cut from the same crazy quilt as your garden-variety movie psychopath. Of course, that Nurse 3D suggests a worst-case-scenario gene splice of Orphan and Side Effects, which is to say it's exactly the film that Brian de Palma's naysayers think they see whenever they patronize one of the auteur's works, it at least succeeds in proving the adage that one man's trash is another's treasure.

5 Questions With 'Nurse 3D' Director Doug Aarniokoski!!
There’s a lot of nudity in the film. If I was the director onset I would have been constantly worried about my performers being in vulnerable positions.
It’s not easy at all. I don’t know what the perception is but it’s problematic. It takes a long time to shoot, people are uncomfortable, there’s a lot of people around. You have to be respectful of the actors and what they have to do and who they’re doing it with. That being said, when we were writing the script and casting the movie, we didn’t pull any punches. We told them it was an erotic thriller and we wanted them to think of it as a foreign film and to go into it with that sensibility. And everybody was very onboard with it. The movie’s about sex and betrayal and it’s hard to sell that if you’re not having sex or betraying people.

Review: In Which We Fall in Love With Nurse 3D for All of the Wrong Reasons
Nurse 3D is nuts. Within the opening few scenes, star Paz de la Huerta – who has a penchant for spending a good portion of the film bottomless with all of the guilt-free freedom of a 3-year-old running rampant on the beach sans a bathing suit – confesses she’s a slut and massacres unfaithful men.

NURSE 3D Movie Review: A Very Good Bad Movie
Paz de la Huerta is Abigail, a nurse who, in her free time, serially murders men who cheat on their wives. Weirdly this is not the actual premise of the movie, it’s more like a character detail, like instead of having a Hummel collection she kills guys. The actual premise of the movie is that Abigail is mentoring a new nurse, Danni (Katrina Bowden), and becomes too enamored with her. Abbie roofies Danni and has a threeway with her, but when Danni sobers up she is horrified and rushes back into the arms of her fiancee (High School Musical’s Corbin Bleu). Having been rejected, Abbie begins turning her murderous rage on the object of her desire.

[BD Review] 'Nurse 3D'
If you’ve seen the trailer for the film, you know the essentials of the plot. Abby (Paz de la Huerta) is a psychotic nurse who becomes obsessed with new recruit Danni (Katrina Bowden). As it becomes evident that Danni won’t willingly reciprocate Abby’s advances, chaos ensues. But the pleasures of Nurse 3D don’t lay in the essentials, they’re found in the incidentals. The amazingly candid voiceover, dialogue that is (hopefully) so willfully stupid it’s instantly memorable, a high body count and a rampant lack of pants. None of this is really in the trailer, making the process of watching Nurse 3D a wonderful sense of illicit discovery. The movie takes you back to the sensation of sneaking downstairs while your parents are asleep to watch your first “R” rated movie and it achieves it simply by being so left of center that none of the behavior in the film is recognizable as human. These aren’t people. This isn’t remotely the real world. These are chess pieces in a world created by people raised on a steady diet of Cinemax.

Review: Paz de la Huerta gives a bare performance in 'Nurse 3D'

Paz de la Huerta nude. If that's all the information you need to see "Nurse 3D," in which the coltish, pouty libertine born of art world exhibitionism and "Boardwalk Empire" notoriety plays a homicidal lesbian caretaker with an aversion to clothing, maybe your exploitation dreams have been met.

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