Stefanie Brown: Possible Nudity in The Maid's Room (2013)

Paladin Acquires Hamptons Fest Thriller ‘The Maid’s Room

ham Paladin has acquired The Maid’s Room and will release the Michael Walker-helmed thriller theatrically and on digital platforms this spring, per the company. Pic played the Hamptons Festival and was shot in that resort area. Paula Garces of Devious Maids, plays that role again, caring for a spoiled family and gaining leverage when the son of her employers comes home with a bloodied car after a hit and run. Devilworks, a new London-based sales agency, has pacted for international rights and is launching the title at the current European Film Market in Berlin.

Sex scenes by Maid's Room Writer-Director Michael Walker
There’s certain things that films do really well and the number one thing is sex.  In fact, it’s so good that there’s an entire industry dedicated to doing just sex films.  There’s not an industry dedicated to, I don’t know, eating scenes or arguing scenes or even action scenes (maybe video games qualifies for that).

Good film sex is hard to beat.  Sure, real sex is better, usually, but film sex is clean and even when there’s orgasm, you never have one (unless you’re beating off in the theater), so it’s all sizzle and no steak.  It’s always going to leave you wanting more, and what better feeling can you have as an audience member.

It’s easy to film a cliche sex scene.   You know how they go, the kiss gets a little more passionate. The music turns up.  Breathing gets heavy.  Lights get dim.  Girl rolls on top in a passion play, but really so we can get a good shot of her tits.  Backs arch.  Hands clench sheets.  It’s always, as they used to say in Penthouse Forum, a “simultaneous orgasm”.   The actors are beautiful.  The cameraman makes them look good.  You can’t fuck this stuff up.

Except, you would think there’d be a little more variety in the sex scenes we’re served.  I’m not talking about different positions, although that helps.  I know that the first time a man and woman have sex, they’re not going to reinvent the wheel.  But, there’s a lot of talk about these scenes before they’re shot.  Actors and actresses want to know exactly what to do.  They’re excited  about it, usually.  Rules are set with the crew about who’s allowed to watch.  What body parts they show is usually discussed.   So, with all that talk, you’d think that they would come up with something a little better than that scene I was talking about.

Obviously, there’s some puritanism going on.  Women don’t want to be exploited, and who can blame them.  Men don’t get to show anything except their ass.  There’s a fine line between acting sex and having sex, and actors have their own feelings about how far they want to cross that line.

And there’s the audience too.  I can’t stand people who say they don’t want to see sex in their films (or bad language).   Or people who say that sex was gratuitous, as if sex wasn’t an important part of the character’s lives.   I’ve heard, or read, people say that a film was pretty good, except all that sex.
These people must live in Disney World.

It’s funny too, when a filmmaker decides to make his sex film, or when you see a film about sex how awkward this can be.  The first mistake to watch out for is the over-serious sex movie.  I always get turned off by films without humor, and I like to have fun with whoever I’m in bed with, so these movies always strike me as silly.  Then there’s the variety sex movie, where each sex scene gets it own sequence and theme.  Like the food sex scene and the leather sex scene or the outside sex scene.

Anyway, films that are all about sex are generally uninteresting unless you really have something interesting to say about it, like Catherine Breillat.

It’s much more interesting to have your sex scenes mixed up in your romantic films.  Films like Annie Hall and The Man Who Loved Women have easy, meaningful sex scenes.  The orgasms are kept mostly off screen, but you still know what’s going on.  They’re treated in an adult way and they’re still fun.

But those films were from the 70′s and, while the French are still laid back about these things (and have better sex scenes), America has regressed to the point where a sex scene is a political act.  All the more reason for it to be there, and for it to be good.

Stefanie Brown

A transplant in New York, 27-years old stage artist Stefanie Brown reportedly did her first nude scene (topless). Details are sketchy but it's almost certain she did the required nudity like the good girl she was : ) Another Wicked cast member to disrobe on-screen in recent times.
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Born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, Stefanie knew she wanted to be a performer by the age of three. At a big band night at a summer resort in Carlsbad, CA., three year old Stefanie was found interrupting the band to ask if she could sing "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star". It was then that her embarrassed parents knew they had a performer on their hands. With the support of her parents, Stefanie began voice and dance lessons. At the age of eight, Stefanie made her stage debut as Dorothy in her school play of "The Wizard of Oz".
Throughout her teenage years, Stefanie continued all lessons and fought the stress of trying to balance both theatre and sports. Her afternoons consisted of school, volleyball practice, and rehearsal for a show at her local community theatre. By the end of her senior year, Stefanie made the decision she wanted to pursue a degree in theatre. After auditioning for theatre schools, Stefanie decided to attend the University of Arizona. Throughout college Stefanie would star in such productions; Juliet in Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet", Cunegonde in "Candide"(Mac Award Nomination), and Hope Cladwell in "Urinetown". In the spring of May 2008, Stefanie received her BFA in Musical Theatre.
After graduation, Stefanie spent the summer in Tennessee, doing summer stock. In the month of September, Stefanie made the big move to New York City. She lived in the city for about two months before she received the call telling her she was cast in the regional production of "Hair" at Arizona Theatre Company and would be earning her equity card. Stefanie would soon return to AZ and begin to rehearse with her new tribe. During the rehearsal process, Stefanie was called to come audition for the Glinda understudy for the national tour of Wicked. During a day off, Stefanie flew back to NY for the audition. On her way back to the airport, in the middle of Penn Station, she got the call saying she had booked it! As she recalls, one of the happiest moments in her life.
Stefanie toured the U.S. with Wicked for about a year and a half, hitting over 18 cities, before she left to go back to New York. After her departure, Stefanie found her first New York apartment, took class, auditioned, and got what she always wanted, a puppy. Her name is Zoey and she is a minature Jack Russell Terrier.
About three months after leaving tour, Stefanie got a call asking her to come back to the First National tour of Wicked as Nessarose. So, she packed her bags and trunk, and headed back out on the road with Zoey in toe.
Stefanie is currently touring around the country with the first national tour of Wicked. After the tour, Stefanie plans to continue her career in the entertainment business and cannot wait to see what is in store for her future.
Stefanie would like to thank her family, friends, Zoey and Kyle for all their love and support.
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