Brit Marling: Photogenic in Babylon [S1E1]

32-years old indie darling Brit Marling in Babylon [S1E1] (2014)

Boring fluff of a pilot. Wallows in self-importance. Vibrant score and typical Boyle's verve yet everything is so static. Injection of sex would have helped ; ) I bet Danny noticed how tight Brit's butt looked in the tight-fitting skirt. He certainly loves capturing mid-to-close-ups of Brit's pretty face. That's one of the few pluses. Indeed, Brit was hot and fuckable in those work outfit. A natural affinity for F-words. However, she was smiling (or trying to hide one) looking almost amused at the proceedings and had this unsettling stare fest going on at the wrong moments. The reaction didn't gel with rest of the cast. It could be intentional but I don't think so. Despite plenty of shortcomings, Brit and with his quite famous brogue (in UK at least...I think) made it watchable. There is a sexual tension between the pair and also suggestion the two could end up in bed in a steamy sex scene with nudity - a first for Brit - if she returns for the series shoot in spring. Underrated Nesbitt always enlivened any weak material, sometimes going over the top but never annoying. He was in top form in one of my favorite UK-shows Cold Feet. My sister-in-law is an anglophile and have this obsession with buying DVD's of British shows - even the crappy ones. That's how I become acquainted with all things UK from early 90's barring my friendship with limey contingent in L.A.
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