Katrina Bowden: CGI-Tainted Nudity in NURSE 3D?

Katrina Bowden: CGI-Tainted Nudity in NURSE 3D?

Final Verdict: It's The Real Deal. Having Read All The Opinions And Expert Views, I'm Now Convinced Katrina Did Her First Nude Scene...Butt Nudity And All.

We may have to wait a little longer for Katrina 'real' nude scene. I don't want to be the party pooper but I think there is some CGI involved here. F*ck! The day we feared has finally arrived in a big way. CGI manipulation and transposing are here to stay.

From The Movie

From The Official Trailer
Angry, disappointed and frustrated. However, my anger is not aimed at Katrina. I was surprised to hear she was doing some T-and-A's in the movie. After all, she has a water-tight non-nudity clause. Nothing beyond lingerie, bikini and undies. 


Mystery EP

Wanted to weigh in on this CGI thing. I have worked very closely on films, TV, commercials and music videos with CGI and CGI artists. That shot in the shower does NOT appear to be CGI to me. Grant it, I watched the film on a computer and not on an HD monitor or film screen, but, that would be an intensely complicated shot to CGI because of the water running over the skin and the movement of the camera. Those are all elements that would need to be tracked and rendered and it would be very complicated and costly for very little payoff.

Especially because she wouldn't need to wear a bikini if they intended to CGI all that out. She could wear pasties to cover breasts so they wouldn't have to deal with her CGI-ing her back, and she could have worn a skin toned half thong or something of that nature. I saw your post re: the trailer and went back and watched that. It's a much shorter shot in the trailer so it's easier to CGI the bikini IN to that shot than it is to CGI it OUT of the long shot that appears in the movie. In general, always easier to add clothes than remove them. Also, notice there is no bulk to the fabric in the bikini...it is flush to the skin almost like it was painted on. The point is, if they added it to a trailer for MPAA purposes this could easily lead to the confusion over whether or not the shot was manipulated in post but the chances are it was the trailer that had the CGI and not the shot in the movie. 

By the way, I've dealt with MPAA on many occasions and had to do the silliest things for approval...I've had to turn blood from red to green or blue or cut out images from book covers and magazines and paintings. So they easily could have demanded a bikini added. I could be wrong. I'm not saying the technology doesn't exist to do what you're suggesting, only that certain things about this don't make much sense...to begin with, they must have known from Day 1 that they wanted her to at least appear nude in the film because she's showering. In other words, this wasn't a decision that happened later  (after they shot the film) where they said to themselves "you know what? Maybe she shouldn't look like she's wearing a bikini in the shower...maybe we should CGI that out"...so if that's the case, why not plan better. Using a dark patterned bikini would make CGI much more time consuming, harder to achieve properly and therefore much more costly. 

Add to that the fact that this is a 3D movie and that's double the time because you have to remove it from 2 moving shots, not just one. (3D is achieved by filming with two cameras from slightly different view points simultaneously to create the perspective). There was no reason they couldn't use a body double in this shot if she wasn't willing to do it and nudity was so important...her head could have been down and it would have been much cheaper to achieve the effect. In fact it would have been easier for them to CGI her face ON to a body double than to CGI her bikini off her body in a moving shot with running water. Again, I question, why would they not just give her pasties rather than a strapped bikini if they intended to CGI out the bikini. And why such a dark pattern instead of skin tones?

I've seen all kinds of things done in past...I've seen pop stars lose 15 lbs or stretch marks in countless music videos. I've seen everything from the smallest detailed added to the biggest details removed. I will say again for the record that it is POSSIBLE to do what you're suggesting, but it doesn't make much sense from a production or budgetary standpoint. If this is CGI, it's VERY GOOD and VERY EXPENSIVE CGI and it's not like the viewer is seeing a set of boobs or even a full backside. So as a producer I would be asking...why go through all that work and spend all that time and money on a shot that doesn't even reveal all that much? I could be wrong, but I don't believe this is CGI.


Mystery EP

I'll put it this way: 
If they did shoot this shot with a bikini and then CGI'd it out...they are a very stupid production wasting lots of money. Plus Katrina is not all that valuable to the production. She doesn't add much value for sales or acting skill so while she's beautiful, so are a thousand other actresses who have had small TV careers and are willing to do more nudity than this.

Also for the record, I also don't think Maggie Grace butt shot in Californication is fake (as I saw you mentioned).
I think they had a Body Double on set for the shot where she jumps in the water for 2 reasons 
[1] Avoid vagina/anus shot during the jump and 
[2] More importantly (believe it it not) so that she didn't have to get wet which would screw up the schedule while you had to wait for her to dry. She may also not have known how to dive like that. 
Just wanted to let you know my take on that as well. Don't believe they CGI'd it. They had a double on set. If she was so uptight, way cheaper and easier to use the double. I think that's Maggie's real, not CGI'd butt.


I don't know why but the first time I saw the spotless and 'un-blemished' Maggie's 'butt', it screamed fake. I'm almost positively wrong but Showtime nearly fooled us before with CGI via Paula Marshall and Yvonne S in Dexter. There could be many other instances they could have done that without us detecting the CGI-effects and got away with it?

Mystery EP

It's not blemish free. Look at the bottom of her right cheek. It's got an indented (soon to be but not quite turned) cellulite dimple. I can tell you from seeing a great deal of CGI that, again, this would be EXTREMELY difficult and costly, especially because she twists her body the way she does. 

Have you ever watched the full frame version of House Bunny? Notice how you see two butt shots in that one rather than the one butt shot you see in the super wide screen version? Well, that first butt shot that is revealed in the full frame cut, THAT is what a CGI butt would look like and it's not very good. It's smudgy and strange looking and doesn't match the shot of her real butt that comes in the next shot. Believe me, it's not as easy as you think to make a realistic butt on someone who is not nude even when you have an ACTUAL true reference as they did in House Bunny. Add to it the way she twists her body and this would have to be a 3D model rendering similar to creating one if the creatures in the Hobbit or characters in Polar Express. 

Think about going through all of that JUST to show Maggie Grace's butt when you have a body double standing by on set. It would literally make NO sense. Again, I'm not saying it's impossible.

Just that it is not as common a practice as you think and in order to make it look THAT realistic is SO EXTREMELY expensive that there's no good reason to do it unless you're shooting a scene with someone like Sandra Bullock and you HAVE to show her butt in the same shot as her face to make a certain joke work but she's unwilling. Only then does going through that expense and process make sense, but honestly even then it probably wouldn't look this realistic. It's very easy (relatively speaking) to add nipples to a pastied breast in past. It is NOT nearly as easy to create butt cheeks and a butt crack that move realistically. Trust me. I've been doing this a long time :)


Director Doug Aarniokoski on Sex and Nudity in 'Nurse 3D'

Q: I have to admit, I loved it. It was a great mix of exploitation elements. I got the sense that you were going for a tongue-in-cheek feel, and I feel like movies like this don’t always take that approach. They take themselves too seriously, and that can ruin it.

Yeah, we wanted to really “pick a lane.” This is our movie, we’re going to have fun, we’re going to wink at the audience, we are going to have over-the-top kills, we’re going to give you a fun ride, and hopefully that is what you are looking for on a Friday night.

Q: I’m really glad you agreed with me on that and didn’t say, “No, it was meant as a serious film!”

Oh, god no. We were trying to have as much fun as anybody. I always try to put myself in the audience’s chair. If I was watching this movie, what movie would I want to see? That’s how we approached it. I’m also a huge fan of American Psycho, and this felt like an opportunity to do a female version of American Psycho. That is how I approached it: how did they design that character, how do we get into the character’s flaws? Hence the voice overs we had. I guess those were really an homage to American Psycho.

Q: How did you get Paz de la Huerta for the role of Abby? She is just the right mix of sexy and crazy.

That is the perfect definition! She is sexy and crazy at the right time. Paz was on Boardwalk Empire at the time, and we loved her on that show. We met with her and I told her, “This is one of those movies where you are all-in, or you’re not even sitting at the table.” There is no half-way with this film; you have to just go for it. I wasn’t going to shoot around the nudity or the sex. Same with Katrina Bowden. When they are making out at the club, they are making out at the club. This is the movie. If you are willing to push all your chips in and go for it, we can have a really fun time and make a really fun movie. Everyone was in. Corbin Bleu, Judd Nelson… they were all 100% in. As a director, that’s really all you can ask for. 

Q: The sex and nudity is obviously a very big part of the film. Are we going to see even more on the DVD?

I wouldn’t be surprised if there is an NC-17 cut that comes out at some point. We had a very tricky time getting it down to an R rating. It’s very racy and sexy. It was a difficult dance to get it  to the R rating. There is a lot more you will probably see in the future that will explain why we could have gotten an NC-17 rating.

Q: How much did you have to cut?

There were a lot of trims. We didn’t have to cut any sequences; we just had to trim stuff down. Usually the ratings board will say, “There is too much full-frontal nudity. There’s too much girl-to-girl. There’s too much stroking of this body part. They’re making out for too long. There’s too much tongue. It’s still there, but it had to be truncated a little bit.

Q: What was the funniest note you got from them?

By far, it was that we had too much full frontal of Paz. There was one scene where the girls wake up after having been fucked up the night before at the bar. They obviously slept together, and had a threeway with the guy from the bar. Paz is literally just standing there, full frontal, talking to Katrina before she even puts a bra on. We had to minimize that, so in the version now, her bra goes on much sooner so she’s not just naked. That was the biggest note.
Paz felt like [her character] had just spent the night with this girl, they had done pretty much everything you could think of to each other’s bodies. It wasn’t like she was ashamed or embarrassed . Her sexuality is one of her tools; that’s what she uses to manipulate men and women. I thought it was an interesting choice that, in that particular scene, she chose to put a bra on  because it is comfortable - she needed the support, but she didn’t feel the need to put her bottoms on. So she played the whole scene like that. Those are the moments on set that I wish everyone could see, because they are so surreal.

UPDATED 02/11/2014

Someone e-mailed this to me:
"This is CGI without her permission. Lionsgate may have a huge problem on their hands because Katrina has an iron clad nudity rider. Take a look at her social networks. She has deleted all mention of the movie. Give it a few days. Statements coming soon."

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