Matt LeBlanc: Venting on 'Foreign Invasion'

Matt LeBlanc in Episodes [S3E6]

I'd mentioned before the growing resentment among the American actors with the never ending foreign incursion into showbiz. They hide it well beneath the legendary veneer of politeness to 'guests' and welcoming all to the promised land. But you can see the cracks if you look hard enough. I'd checked (and heads-up from source) twitters from some of the local actors after last year pilot season. Gripes tweeted in half-joking manner about losing even supporting roles to foreign talents. The posts are quickly deleted. I think the one from Nicole Steinwedell is still there. She and other B-and-C listers are back on audition road for this year PS. If foreign talents are again cast in key roles on TV and movies, prepare for more obvious reaction via the social media. In case of Nicole, she needs to drop her non-nudity clause. She's perfect for a topless nudity in Masters of Sex : )

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