Model Nude In A Room Full Of Women

Hens Knights nude model reveals what it’s really like to be in the nude with a room full of women

Paris Blake poses with hen Sherelle Edwards as the women at the party draw him in various poses. Picture: Facebook
Paris poses with hen Sherelle Edwards as the women at the party draw him in various poses.
HE works in sales by day and takes his clothes off for women at night, but Paris isn’t your average stripper. 

For a start, the nude model and topless waiter doesn’t gyrate or dance while taking off his clothes to music.

He’s also the first to admit he could “be more cut and defined” and while he can dance okay he definitely can’t “stripper dance”.
The nude model admits he still has moments of shyness.
The nude model admits he still has moments of shyness.
“I guess I come under the stripper banner in that I do take my clothes off for money,” he said.

“But I’m too awkward to just start grinding up against people.”

The 30-year-old “fell into” nude modelling a few years ago when a topless waiter mate sent him a text asking if he’d get his clothes off for a hen’s party.

“I woke up one Saturday morning to this text message asking if I’d do it,” he told

“I literally laughed and rolled over and went back to sleep.

“Then I thought ‘well what’s so bad about it? All I have to is be naked.’”

As it turns out, it was a little more difficult and awkward than he thought, especially when he turned up to his first gig and a workmate was also there working as a topless waiter.

Paris now loves what he does but admits he still gets nervous before each event as he doesn’t really know what to expect from the crowd.

Like last Saturday when he walked into a roomful of 45 screaming women.

“Usually the ladies just talk among themselves,” he said.

“But that was definitely the best reaction I’ve ever had.”

Bride-to-be Sherelle Edwards said she had no idea what her friends had in store for her when they booked her a topless waiter for her hen’s night.

“It was definitely a night to remember,” she said.

“For the first 30 minutes or so he spent his time chatting with the ladies and having fun, until he disappeared into the bedroom and came out wearing only a towel.”

Ms Edwards said no one had any idea what was ahead as pads and pencils were handed out and all the women were asked to draw while Paris modelled for them.

“He had a great personality, got on really well with everyone and was more accommodating than I thought he would be with everything my friends were throwing his way,” she said.

But as well as appreciation such as this from the female sex, the Hens Knights worker reckons there are other added benefits of taking your clothes off, including having to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle.

He trains four times a week to maintain his body and eats well about 80 per cent of the time.

Then there’s the biggest benefit of all, being paid well for simply being naked.

Topless waiters and nude models can earn anywhere from $100-$250 per hour, depending on the job.

“It’s actually really liberating,” he said. “You literally have nothing to hide.”

“Some guys are totally comfortable with it, I still get nervous, but it’s all individual.”

But surely he must get some eyebrows when he reveals his other life?

Paris admits he does get some strange looks and questions on how he could do it but reckons on the whole most people are pretty supportive.

But while his ex-girlfriend initially didn’t like him getting naked in front of other women, she eventually understood it was part of the job.

“My close family and friends all know and no one has an issue with it,” he said.

“My mum’s fairly conservative but doesn’t have a problem and dad thinks it’s hilarious.

“There is judgment at times, some people might think how could I, or it’s stupid but I’ve got nothing to be ashamed of.”

For anyone thinking of making the move into topless waiting and nude modelling, he has this piece of advice.

“Be confident and bold and don’t be ashamed to put yourself out there,” he said.

“And try to keep an arm’s length away from the winking ones (women) as they’re more likely to grope or slap you.”
Nude modelling can be liberating as well as lucrative.
Nude modelling can be liberating as well as lucrative.

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