beauty queen Michelle Ellen Jones: Nude in 'The Pick-Axe Murders Part 3'

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I came across a screen cap of 25-years old Texan beauty Michelle Ellen Jones from The Pick-Axe Murders Part III: The Final Chapter (2013), figured I'd share. 

Pick-Axe CENSORED Opening

Another beauty queen has joined the movie biz in a big way. T-and-A show: 
Miss Teen Texas 2006 Michelle Ellen Jones in The Pick-Axe Murders Part III: The Final Chapter (2013). Apparently coaching future beauty pageants wasn't paying the bills and she entered the film world with nudity abandon. She should be naked in other upcoming flicks as well. My deep respect for the gal for going against the convention. Don't expect to remain long as pageant coach or in the beauty industry once word gets out about her on-screen sex and nude exploits.

My First Pageant

My first pageant was in 2004 when I was crowned  Miss Tomball. My walk that day forever changed my life and since then, I  became enamored by the glamour of pageantry!

Miss Teen Texas 2006

My next step was to enter the Miss Teen Texas International 2006 where I not only captured the crown, but also Contestant’s Choice, Most Photogenic and Fitness Winner.

Recent Experience

My most recent pageant adventure was  to compete for Miss Texas International 2011,  where I was 2nd Runner Up and Fun Fashion Wear Winner.

Other Pageants

I have also competed in the American Queen and USA  Pageant systems. “I believe that each pageant is a learning and growing  experience and you have to enjoy the journey along the way. It is a  rollercoaster of emotions to compete, and what matters most is how you face  those twists and turns of the ride and better yourself from them. No one knows  how to appreciate success if they have not experienced the opposite.”

Glamour, Glamour, Glamour!

Another passion in life is Ballroom Dancing. I  turned professional in 2007 and haven’t looked back! I was certified by Fred  Astaire Dance Studios as a professional teacher. Currently my goal is  to become a champion standard dancer. Dance has offered me a multitude of  opportunities. I was employed by Mary Murphy of SYTYCD and danced  alongside Emmitt Smith in a GoodFeet Commercial!
I am also getting to live out my dreams of being an actress! You can follow my acting career on my IMDB page.

Pageant Coaching

Now I want to share my passion for helping young ladies transform into beauty queens as their pageant coach. There is no greater feeling for me then to see the difference I am making in their lives. I also have judged numerous pageants and I can use my experience of being  on the other side of the judges table to help girls with their winning look.

Rest of the Best: The Top 10 Nude Scenes From Houston Actresses

This scene from Jack Frost isn't on the list, but I wanted you to know it existed.

Every once in a while I like to take a break from being a feminist crusader and compile a list based on complete chauvinist objectification. Maybe I'm seeking balance. Maybe I just like boobies. Maybe just the thought of a cashing a check for this sends me into maniacal glee beyond all comparison.

Regardless, there are a lot of exceptional thespians that have come out of H-Town, and the fact is that sometimes in the course of their art they take off their clothes. Today we salute the best examples of that.

10. Anna Nicole Smith, Skyscraper: From chicken cook to stripper to millionaire wife to reality show train wreck our own Anna Nicole Smith was one of a kind no matter how you felt about here. Though she was more known for her Playboy appearances she did dabble in proper acting. Cheesy as it was, Skyscraper was probably the best of these, offering a female take on Die Hard mixed with several gratuitous scenes of Smith showering or writhing on the bed with Richard Steinmetz.

9. Shelley Duvall, Thieves Like Us: Shelley Duvall sports one of the most legit Houston film credits for having been in Brewster McCloud. Personally, for me she'll always be Little Bo Peep in Mother Goose Rock 'n' Rhyme though. She's was never overly prone to getting undressed on camera, but did step fully nude out of an old-fashioned bathtub in Thieves Like Us.

8. JoBeth Williams, Teachers: Williams grew up down in South Park before she moved out to New York City to become a star. One of her big breaks was 1983's Teachers, where she played a lawyer helping to clean up a corrupt school. One of the ways that she accomplishes this is by streaking naked down the halls, throwing her panties at a crowd of teenagers. Just to be sure, I checked out this legal strategy with a lawyer friend of mine. Me: Can you think of anyway that you taking off all your clothes in front of a bunch of high school kids would help your career?
Her: I honestly cannot think of a scenario in which this could ever end up helping a lawyer's career... at least not in this country.
She declined to tell me the location of the magic land where lawyers run naked and free.

7. Krista Allen, Emmanuelle in Space: A World of Desire: Though she was born in Ventura, CA, the Skinemax darling did grow up in Houston and Austin for a time. Picking just one nude scene from the soft core magnum opus that is the Emmanuelle in Space series took hours of research. In the end I settled on her masturbation scene from A World of Desire It says all that needs to be said.

6. Joan Severance, Black Scorpion: It was a stint as Miss Houston that opened the doors to Joan Severance's career as a model, then later an actress. Including a role in the greatest movie of all time, Hulk Hogan's No Holds Barred. Thanks to Roger Corman she was also a dominatrix superhero in Black Scorpion, and it's just one more thing on the long list of debts we owe to that amazing filmmaker.

5. Amy Lindsay, Femalien II: The reason that Lindsay ranks so high on this list is that I just love that someone looked at Femalien and decided there was more that needed to be said. Well, Lindsay is never adverse to cashing a paycheck for a good softcore flick, and offers not only a hot sex scene but a pretty compelling performance as a photographer who suspects that erotic aliens are visiting Earth.

4. Roxy Vandiver, Witchcraft 13: Blood of the Chosen : My favorite local scream queen is one of the most beautiful women working in screen in Houston. I'll give a nod for her work in Spirit Camp because that film is awesome, but as far as nude scenes go her work in Witchcraft 13: Blood of the Chosen is definitely the hotter performance. Rumor is Vandiver is sadly leaving us soon, but we're still waiting on official word. Until then, at least we've got our memories.

3. Annette O'Toole, Cat People: These days people tend to think of Annette O'Toole for her place as Martha Kent in Smallville, but back in the '80s she was a red hot zoologist hunting were cats and skinny dipping in Cat People. It's one of those legendary bad films that seems to have all kinds of awesome people attached to it, and if you've never seen it you are missing out on one of the most improbably erotic horror flicks ever made.

2. Michelle Ellen Jones, Pick-Axe Murders III: The Final Chapter: And now, a super exclusive sneak peek at Jeremy Sumrall's upcoming Pick-Axe Murders III: The Final Chapter! Pageant consultant and local horror up-and-comer Michelle Ellen Jones strips down right before she blows your mind with a scene you will never see coming. I'd tell you more, but I had to swear to secrecy just to get this much. Look for Sumrall's slash-sterpiece soon. ...I'm really sorry about that pun.

1. Shannon Elizabeth, American Pie : Finally, we leave off with Shannon Elizabeth's incredible performance as a hot exchange student in American Pie. The film tried so desperately to be its generation's Porky's, and for the most part it failed at that. However, the warm-hearted and extremely hot Elizabeth was easily the closest it came to topping the classic sex comedy. That's what landed her the No. 1 spot, though it was really hard not to choose her being taken by a murderous snowman in Jack Frost. 

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